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Style Plug Updates (8/28/18)

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Checkout the latest updates and
improvements we’ve made here at Style Plug!


Return Form


Style Plug Return Form



 When you get your pack you can now easily select any items that you would like to return on the Return Form.

If you want to send back an item, please fill out this form and then send the item(s) back using the return label we provided you in your pack.

This form will help us confirm which items you will be charged for after your Try On Period is over.

The Return Form is located on your Profile when you login to the Style Plug website. 


Preview emails


Style Plug Preview Emails




Keep your eyes peeled for any emails from your stylist. Your stylists will now send you a Preview Email giving you a heads up on what items will be sent in your upcoming Style Pack.

Let us know in advance what items from the preview that you like or are not interested in. Also feel free to let us know if you have any specific items you would like to see in your pack.  


Updated Invoices 


Style Plug Updated Invoice 


Now your Style Pack comes with a neatly printed invoice with the items that were sent to you.

This new invoice clearly states each line item and give a better breakdown of the total cost.

Within the invoice you will also find a breakdown of the try on period and information on when you will be charged.

A copy of your invoice will be sent to you via email the day you receive your pack


Style Pack Feedback


 Style Plug Style Pack Feedback



We want to improve our service and deliver pieces that are more accurately catered to you.

So for a limited time we are offering a discount on your next pack if you answer a few quick questions to give us insight on some of the things that you like and any changes that we can make as a company.

The Style Pack Feedback Form is located on your Profile when you login to the Style Plug website.




More updates and changes coming soon!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or email







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