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The Agenda Show

Posted by Marcus Mitchell on

The Agenda Show:

Full time dresser, first time attendee.”

There are many different ways in the fashion industry to go about purchasing merchandise...

networking, and being the first to all the latest trends. Both current and upcoming trends can be found amongst the many attendees at Agenda Show. For my first time at the Agenda Show, I had the task of call of the excitement via Behind the Scenes stills for my good friends over at Style Plug. Their emerging subscription based styling company is set to make waves in this market.

As buyers they patrol the floor here at Agenda looking for the hottest trends to bring to your front door.

Specifically Agenda gives Style Plug first account of the quality of clothes, keyword being “quality”, in the midst of the mass display of clothes Style Plug is responsible for weeding out the items that not only grab the eyes of fashion forward but those who are familiar with brand names such as Publish,  FairPlay, G-Star Raw, DOPE, Elwood, Civil Regime also some newer brands like Unitryb and Mondaysuck.

As an expanding styling company it is imperative to attend conferences such as The Agenda Show.

Numerous brands under one roof and many opportunities to connect directly to the minds behind them all. Stay tuned and up to date with “Style Plug” via Instagram Style Plug and Style Plug on Facebook.